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"If you are looking for agents that provide the highest quality of service, look no further. I came to know Team Thiel by referral from a close friend whose opinion I trust dearly. She worked with them on her property sale and could not stop singing their praises so I knew I couldn't go wrong. I firmly believed that they could deliver but the truth is I was quite blown away with their results in the end. First, their level of professionalism is top-notch and I can truly say it was the best service I've received from an agent to date (this was my 5th property transaction). But beyond their professionalism, they are genuinely warm-hearted people and so pleasant to work with, which for me makes all the difference. They are very attentive and pay attention to the small details, which is really what makes them a 5+ star team. Second, they are really in tune with the market so it was easy to trust their pricing and marketing strategies and at the same time, they were very receptive to my thoughts and ideas on what I wanted to do with the property, which made coming up with a great sale price easy. You can see this in the results. Obviously, the market does what it does but I think Team Thiel’s trained eyes and determination had a great deal to with the fact that my property went under contract in about a week's time, with multiple contracts and sold above asking price. I think they're great and I would use them and recommend them again and again."

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We will give you all the data you need, along with expert analysis, to help you price your home right. We don't "feel" like a home should be priced a certain way, we give you the data and facts to prove our pricing analysis. We don't believe in pricing your home too high and letting it sit on the market or pricing your home too low and drawing in bargain hunters. We will price it just right and sell it fast.



We will help you position your home on the market to sell for top dollar. We can sell your home (1) "as is," (2) with some repairs, renovations and staging, or (3) completed repaired, renovated and staged. Our goal is to save you money not just on the market, but before your home ever hits the market by advising you to complete only the updates (if any) that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. 


With gorgeous photography, videography, 3D virtual tours, floor plans, and staging- your home will look it's best! We'll list it on every website buyers are looking, create beautiful brochures, email targeted buyers and agents, mail postcards for prospects, purchase targeted online ads, and purchase targeted social media ads. We get better results because we do more!



With expert negotiating prowess, we are skilled at achieving win-win scenarios. We want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time with the smoothest process possible. We achieve those results but fighting hard for our clients, maintaining integrity, and dealing fairly with the buyer involved. We'll sell your home for top dollar and you'll feel good about it!

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