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What To Expect on Photo and Video Day?

Before the photo and video day, we might have already asked you to make some repairs and improvements to your home. You might also have staged the furniture so it will look great in the photos. Or, we may have hired a professional stager so your home will really stand out on the market. On the actual photo and video day, our professional photography and videography team will come and work their magic. Depending on the home, we may also include a floor plan. As the seller, you’ll want to have all the lights on, keep the blinds open, and make sure the home is in the condition we discussed on your customized “staging consultation” day. Here are some other tips for great photos:


• Close the windows

• Park on the street or in an enclosed garage

• Rake leaves and sticks from the yard


• Clear the Clutter... Put it away in an enclosed closet or cabinet.

• Clean the House... All the nooks and crannies.

• Turn on all the lights and lamps.


• Remove all refrigerator magnets, photos, artwork, etc.

• Clear the top of the fridge

• Clear the counter tops


• Make the bed

• Remove anything stored under the bed if there is no dust ruffle to cover it

• Put away all shoes and clothing


• Open the shower curtains

• Put down the toilet seat

• Put out fresh, matching towels

Thinking about selling your home? Contact Team Thiel today for a customized consultation on how to make your home stand out in the market!


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