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What To Expect After A Home Inspection?

Are you under contract on your new home and feeling a bit anxious about the home inspection process? It’s understandable to have the jitters when you’re wondering what your inspector is going to uncover. But, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through every step of the process.

During the home inspection, all you need to do is take in what’s going on. Some people prefer to follow the inspector around the house watching his every move. Most people let the home inspector go through the home and discover all the issues, then go and explore those areas together at the end. If you choose to do that, bring your tape measure so you can take measurements while you’re waiting. Some people choose not to attend the home inspection and to instead read the report afterwards and/or have phone with the inspector at the end.

Once home inspection is completed, you’ll receive the report in your email inbox and we’ll discuss the findings together. Typically, there are only a few items on a brand new construction home and the builder will usually fix those. On an existing home, there are usually 40-60 items on a standard size home in our area. There are typically fewer items found on a smaller home and more on a larger home. Depending on how your home inspection contingency is written, you usually have three options:

· You can continue with the contract

· You can ask the seller for repairs or a credit towards fixing those repairs

· Or, you can void the contract

If your contingency is written as an “as is” inspection, you’ll simply decide whether to void the contract or move forward. Remember, if you negotiate for a credit or repairs, this negotiation is part of the sale’s net proceeds to the seller and net credits to the buyer.

The nice thing about the home inspection is that this is kind of like a buyer “get out of jail free” card. If you do not feel comfortable moving forward with the transaction, you can void the contract. A trained home inspector can help you see things that are beneath the surface on a home and if you still want to move forward with the contract, we can help you decide what’s most important to ask the seller to fix or what’s most important to get a credit for you to fix on your own after closing. If it’s all simply too much, you can void.

Want someone to walk you through every step of this process? Contact Team Thiel today for a personalized consultation.


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