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What Happens During Closing?

During closing, you’ll be signing all the required state, local, lender, and title company required documents to purchase your home. At the settlement table with you will be the title attorney and you, the buyers. The pandemic has resulted in no one else typically being invited to attend the closing. But, don’t worry, the title attorney is on your side and can answer any questions you have about the documents you’re signing. They will have already met with the seller typically to review their documents and collect their signatures. Now, they’ll be reviewing your documents, collecting your signatures, returning the documents to the lender, and sending others to the county courthouse so the deed to the home can be recorded.

You should have already wired your funds to the title company about 1-2 days before closing. So if you haven’t done that, and you’re about to close on a home, now is the time to send your wire! Make sure you verify with the title company that their wiring instructions are correct because there’s a lot of wire fraud happening in our market right now! Don’t forget to bring a government issued photo ID and a checkbook in case of last minute changes. Also, don’t forget to transfer the utilities into your name, effective the day of closing, so you don’t experience any interruptions in service.

The title attorney will explain your deed of trust, your mortgage documents and your settlement papers. Once you’ve understood and signed all the documents, you now get the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

If you’re considering buying a home, contact Team Thiel today!


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